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The primary goal of MortgageCalculator.Guru is to assist you in taking reasonable mortgage decisions. The mortgage process is one of the major events and the biggest financial decisions in life. We’d like to guide you in this process and make it easier, more sensible, and less stressful.

we will help you

  • Brush up on your general mortgage knowledge.
  • Explore various mortgage types and learn their differences, strong and week points in order to choose the best type for you.
  • Get familiar with popular mortgage lenders and understand your preferences.
  • Find out the latest news and updates in the mortgage world.
  • Do efficient mortgage calculations with clear and understandable results with the help of our handy financial tools.
  • Discover effective ways to save money on your mortgage.

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15-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates Calculator

Find out how much your monthly payments would cost with a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage. The results will include how much you will pay in interest costs.

Refinance Mortgage Payment Calculator

See how applying a lower interest rate will affect your mortgage. This refinance calculator will show you if refinancing will save you money.

House Affordability Calculator

Determine how much house you can reasonably afford. It will help you understand where your home buying price point, inclusive of interest, should fall.

30-Year Fixed Mortgage Calculator

Understand your monthly payments for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with this calculator. The results will show the expected interest costs for the life of the loan.

Variable Interest Rate Mortgage Calculator

This calculator will show the expected interest costs for the life of a variable rate loan, complete with an amortization schedule.

True Cost of Home Ownership Calculator

This calculator looks at some of the most common expenses in homeownership.

Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator GURU