How to Trick State Farm Drive Safe. Smart Tips

How to trick state farm drive safe

Updated - 2022.05.06

The Drive Safe and Save discount is a rewards program state farm offers to its customers based on their driving behavior. The discount works by rewarding drivers for safe driving with monetary savings based on annual mileage and specific essential characteristics for drivers who use the Drive Safe and Save mobile app. Below are some tips on how to trick state farm drive safe.

State Farm Drive Safe and Save Overview 

How to trick state farm drive safe

The Drive Safe and Save program, available to people who have State Farm auto insurance, may present another option to save cash on auto insurance. According to State Farm, drivers can obtain a one-time discount simply by enrolling in the program, and they can receive discounts of up to 30% by participating. Drivers can get started by downloading a smartphone application or using OnStar, provided their vehicle is equipped with the service.

State Farm will then monitor the driver’s driving behaviors to calculate the amount of a discount implemented to the policy. During the campaign, it can watch the status plus quantity of the Drive Safe and Save discount using the Alexa mobile app for iPhone. Use the Link to download Alexa Mobile App for Android.

After participating in the program for a specified amount of time, drivers who cannot qualify for a discount due to their driving behavior will not be subjected to a fee on their auto insurance policy after that period.

What Exactly does State Farm Drive Safe and Save Entail?

The Drive Safe and Save app is available for free download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Installing it is as simple as following these steps:

  • Send the text SAVE to 78836 to receive a link to the app’s download page on Google Play or the Apple App Store. If your smartphone is not compatible with the app you have received through the link, you will not download it.
  • After installing it, sign in to the app using your username and password.

You will receive your Bluetooth beacon in your mail a few days after completing your enrollment.

As soon as they deliver your beacon, please bring it to your car and follow the simple setup directions given by the app.

State Farm could also send you a tiny beacon, approximately the size of a quarter, which you can install on your car’s windshield to keep track of your driving habits and performance.


As long as they fit your vehicle with OnStar technology, you will not be allowed to access the mobile application. It can share your driving habits with State Farm if you have an active OnStar account, which includes the company’s satellite-based tracking technology. Call State Farm’s customer care line at 888-559-1922 and provide them with the specifics of your OnStar plan to be enrolled. An agent usually registers your qualified car in a short period.

What Does State Farm Drive Safe and Save Track?

How to Trick State Farm Drive Safe

How to Trick State Farm Drive Safe. Smart Tips

Drive Safe and Save calculates your savings depending on your driving habits and miles. The app will keep track of your mileage and various driving parameters. Among these are:

  • Excessive acceleration results in a loss of control over your vehicle, which increases the likelihood of causing an accident
  • Braking: Maintaining a safe speed when driving is as important as maintaining a safe gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. Rather than braking abruptly to prevent an accident, Drive Safe and Save tracks how swiftly you brake and awards you for braking gently, which proves you maintained an appropriate gap between you and other vehicles.
  • Cornering: Telematics systems can detect and track sudden, sharp bends, which are not safe driving habits. Sudden or sharp turns frequently show that you were attempting to avoid swiftly approaching cars, placing you in greater danger of being involved in a collision.
  • Speed: If you drive faster than the posted speed limit by about eight miles an hour or more, the app will alert you. To be deemed a driver, you must adhere to all traffic laws and speed limits.
  • Phone use: Many still use their cell phones, although this is a danger on the roadway. The system can track your movements and screen activity when using your phone. Avoid talking on the phone while traveling for your well-being and to also aid you in earning more State Farm discounts at the same time.
  • Time of day – If possible, avoid driving during rush hour traffic. That often covers rush hour traffic in the morning and evening and late-night travel.

State Farm gathers this information. The organization uses it to calculate the grades you receive for Drive Safe and Save, which gives the firm a picture of your driving abilities. They calculated your discount percentage based on your grades. You may be eligible for a substantial discount on your auto insurance if you drive correctly and avoid dangers like traveling in heavy traffic or late in the evening.

Understanding Good Driving Score

If you get a rating of 88, they could consider you a B+ driver — far better than the average driver. Smart Driver scores, unlike high school grades, are not permanent. With continuous feedback and ideas for increasing your score, your Smart Driver score will increase over time as your driving experience improves.

Are Safe Driver Discounts Helpful?

Safe-driving discounts are an excellent way for drivers to save on car insurance. A good discount program encourages drivers to drive more safely and helps reduce their total car insurance costs.

Pros and Cons of State Farm Drive Safe

How to trick state farm drive safe

State Farm Drive Safe is an innovative car insurance concept that uniquely protects its users. But the idea of insuring your car gets a little complex when you consider the program’s benefits. Let’s look at the pros and cons of State Farm Drive Safe.


Savings. For those drivers who follow the local traffic rules, the State Farm Drive Safe And Save tracking telematics program may reduce their insurance premiums. State Farm Drive Safe and Save could assist you in lowering your insurance prices.

Safer driving. You’ll most likely become one safer driver because of having a picture of your driving behaviors, which you can typically monitor online. Drivers underestimate their ability to drive safely, but those who use telematics say the devices have assisted them in changing their inappropriate behaviors.


Privacy concerns. However, while not all monitoring gadgets provide your location information, some do.

Unanticipated consequences. According to some users, the program does not charge you for speeding through the yellow light, but it does fault you for braking unexpectedly at the yellow light. They contend that the technologies push drivers to take more risks on the road in some cases.

How to Trick State Farm Drive Safe

How to trick state farm drive safe

Don’t drive too fast: As per a Transport report, most drivers break the speed limit, notably on highways. Excessive speed contributes to over 20% of incidents on roads.

Focus on the road: You may consider yourself a skilled multi-risk taker. However, did you know people are only cognitively capable of attending to a single task at a time? It is impossible to give complete attention to what’s happening on the road while simultaneously performing another task, like texting, switching to a different station, or eating.

Ensure adequate tire pressure: Driving with under-inflated tires decreases your vehicle’s handling capabilities. It also increases your braking distance. You should check tire pressure regularly. You’ll also have to change your tires more frequently because under-inflated tires cause worse tread deterioration and raise the likelihood of your tires blowing out. Finally, know that your fuel efficiency will suffer when driving with improper tire pressure.


The Drive Safe and Save program carries very minimal risk, yet it has the potential to generate a pretty substantial discount.

For eligible drivers, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to participate in the program, and like all other programs of this nature, drivers need to keep their expectations in check. For example, you are not likely to save 50% on your auto insurance.

Drive Safe and Save is a relatively safe bet for people who want to reduce their monthly expenses as much as they can afford.

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